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Dio M.

Martina is amazing! I reached out to her after being in the E.R. due to multiple health problems, one being the neuropathy that came along with all my health issues that recently arose, I honestly could not walk the first couple of weeks I began treatment. The pain was unbearable. I had shooting pain at the end of my toes and fingers and my balance was completely off. My digestion was another thing that was affected and within a few sessions and her treatment with not only her accupunture and her knowledge, but the herbs and teas she uses. The symptoms of the neuropathy  began to improve as well. It took a little longer but I believe it was due to the severity of my sypmtoms but nonetheless after several sessions my balance began to come back. I can go up and down stairs with little to no trouble and my walk is just about where it was before. I have been following the steps to heal and with her help the pain has reduced tremendously. There are most days that I don’t really get the harsh shooting pains I would constantly get. She really is great at what she does. She is highly recommended  A great healer and guide to your health.

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