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Joe D.


I was referred to her after I experienced staggering nerve pain in my shoulder. It’s not just that she figured out how to reduce the pain in just a few sessions, but she keeps suggesting personal health maintenance in follow-up sessions, which I’ve continued long after the shoulder pain went away. In the year I’ve been seeing her, she’s recommended a variety of things to do between treatments: qi gong breathing, herbal remedies, isometric stretches — all of them tailored for whatever issue I’m working through.

I don’t want to trot out corporate newspeak like “value-added service,” so instead let’s say she goes above and beyond expectations. For instance, I once made an off-hand comment about recurring foot discomfort. She excused herself for a few minutes (not uncommon during a treatment), then came back in to tell me she’d diagnosed it. She’d snuck out to go online to look it up and suggest a treatment. And it worked.

I’ve never known any health care practitioner to pay so much attention to their patients. I don’t think it’s in Martina to do anything less.

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