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Leah M.

Martina is amazing and quite frankly, a miracle worker! I have been a patient since January 2019. When I had my first appointment with Martina, she spent about 2 hours with me, asking me about my prior and current health, my eating, and sleep habits. She doesn’t just treat with acupuncture. She teaches breathing and self-healing techniques that I can do on my own. She told me how to change my diet so that I could eat healing foods for my blood circulation and she gave me a tea that helps with circulation, as well. I was in a car accident last year and have been enduring severe neck pain. Martina not only has helped to heal my neck injury, but she has helped coach me with stress related issues. She even helped me with a muscle pull one day and it disappeared! Martina is welcoming, friendly, professional, and non-judgemental. She is the best!

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