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Michelle G.

I’m not one to write reviews but if my review can help someone find healing then I have to share my story.  I got Covid in November of 2020, long story short I ended up in the hospital for nine days and was lucky enough to come home. Unfortunately I had permanent lung scarring and had lost 40lbs. In addition to the “long Hauler” symptoms I was now dependent on an oxygen machine to help me make it through the days and nights. After 6 months of struggling I made a call to Martina. She not only listened to my journey she asked questions about the smallest things. She worked up a plan that I knew would take time and commitment on my part but I was more then willing to try as my quality of life at that point was so bad. It’s been six months now…I am no longer dependent on my oxygen machine during the day..I was able to stay off oral steroids and have halved my inhaled steroids. I was able to make a two week trip to Europe and walk 10,000 steps a day without help.  My husband told me this evening he thinks the single thing that has helped me the most this last year has been my weekly visits to Martina. It’s a team effort…Martina has given me great tools and I have to make sure that I follow them but she has always been there when it’s tough. She is incredible at what she does….she cares and she takes the time to research the best ways to help…

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