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Zhen C.

As a person who has been suffering from fibromyalgia since 2006, i cannot believe my luck in finding Martina. My husband suggested for me to go to Martina when my joints swelled up again and i was barely able to move. He has been going to Martina for a while now for his back pain and tailbone issues; and he can NOT stop singing her praises. Though I’ve only had two sessions with her, i can type, move, walk, and get up in the morning. She is such a warm and kind person as well; i was immediately put at ease when i met her. I’ve had bad acupuncture experiences and was hesitant at first, but her skills and knowledge base made my sessions with her indescribably comfortable, all my doubts and worries about acupuncture are gone (I fell asleep at my last session, that’s how relaxed i got!)

Not only did her acupuncture skills helped me a lot, she also helped me understand my conditions better and how to maintain long term health, as well as how to prevent another flare up.

When one can move without pain, one tends to take it for granted, but if one has pain, one should go to Martina, she will make it better. ^_^

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