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Christine F.

Martina is a true healer. She is a sensitive and skillful acupuncturist who works well with children and adults. I am thankful to have her as resource for myself and my family’s health and well being.

Joe D.


I was referred to her after I experienced staggering nerve pain in my shoulder. It’s not just that she figured out how to reduce the pain in just a few sessions, but she keeps suggesting personal health maintenance in follow-up sessions, which I’ve continued long after the shoulder pain

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Melanie S.

Martina is a life saver.  I have had terrible morning sickness for all of my pregnancies.  I tried everything.  Prego pops, ginger teas, B6, medication, nothing worked.  Then a friend of mine recommended acupuncture and specifically Martina.  I was very skeptical, never having tried acupuncture before but I was desperate to feel better.

Martina was warm and lovely when I

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Elizabeth R.

I started going to Martina because of horrible cramps and by the end of our sessions I was virtually pain free. She also helped reduce headaches and pain in my shoulders that came from working for hours in front of a computer. She is unbelievably compassionate and an all around amazing person.

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